Hoorenbeek Suit Up


Today I had the honor to try out the Yago outfit from Hoorenbeek, one of their most fresh suits that mixmatched with some great accesories could be one of our best choices to any event this summer.

yago4_001BThe outfit is based on red colors showing in different patterns that fit perfectly, looking very neat and fresh.

yago6_001BOne of the most quality items from the outfit are the shoes, as we are used from them, Hoorenbeek comes with the most neat and clear leather textures for their shoes.

  • Hoorenbeek – Basic Shirt for Bow Ties Striped
  • Hoorenbeek – Rolled Up Skinny Pants
  • Hoorenbeek – Leather Belt
  • Hoorenbeek – Tweed Blazer
  • Hoorenbeek – Bow Tie
  • Hoorenbeek – Allen Shoes
  • Sorgo – Astoria Glasses

Photos by Cub Smit


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