The new Slink male mesh body, the lastest creation of the famous mesh components brand. Made with the quality we are used from Slink, this body fits your shape perfectly even though it comes with 2 modifiable ones. Also includes a pack of 6 smooth skins that will be the solution to match your Slink hands and feet and make your body looks just perfect, you can change the skin of all your Slink appliers with the alpha&layers HUD provided with the body.

The body can be also worn with both default or Slink hands just need to wear an alpha layer to make it work with default hands, but most important, it also supports the universal Omega system !! having functionality such as skin textures, clothing textures, tattoo textures and underwear textures, If you want to texture separate left and right arms or feet, you need to use an applier made using the Slink 3rd party creation kit as Omega does not support this in this body.

The greatest part of this body are the HUDs, the new Slink Physique Male Utilities HUD is just amazing, no dobout Slink has taken the lead in the alpha HUDs war nowdays providing a wide amount of zones of the body to pick and make them alpha. You can also change skin of all your Slink components (body, hands, feet) manage all your tattoos and clothes appliers and even add hair and a penis to your body, Another great improvement is the RGB HUD that will blow your imagination, it provides the posibility of tint your skin or any applier you are wearing (pants, hair, shirt…) a great option to match skins that do not have Slink appliers or just to have fun and make amazing looks.


  • Slink – Physique Male Mesh Body
  • Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
  • Slink – Avatar Enhancement Feet Male Flat
  • Tableau Vivant – Victor Hair

Photos by Cub Smit.


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